Galáctica is a fashion designer, stylist and costume designer.
She works both in audiovisual productions, video clips, and advertisements as well as with private clients who wish to transmute or translate their energy into a character that transforms or represents them in a particular way.
She uses design as a psychomagical act to transmute emotions and transmit a message.
She is attracted to the universe of movies and series, creating imaginary worlds and realities.
In her unique pieces she uses unconventional elements such as industrial materials, recycled clothing and unusual accessories mixed together.

When I designed her logo my purpose was to combine the magical and mystical essence of her universe with refined and avant-garde elements that would allow the brand to be positioned in the clothing and fashion design market and, at the same time, in the film industry.


+ Background research and branding questionnaire

+ Market research and benchmarking

+ Defining the brand core, storytelling, and brand archetype

+ Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark

+ Brand guidelines

+ Label and hangtag design

Primary logo

A striking logo with a gothic influence, inspired by haute couture and the mystical vision of the medieval era.
The repetition of the letter G inverted and reflected four times generates a 360-degree dynamism that expands from the center of the composition, where the heart is located.
This refers to the divine origin of every action that is taken by the brand that is directly connected to and inspired by the energetic center of the heart.


The same design is used as in the logo. A dynamic and visually impressive composition made up of the repetition of the letter G in a Gothic typography with elegant organic lines, with the heart in the center of the composition that concentrates the viewer's attention and recalls the meaning and leitmotiv of the brand.



Art direction for social media

+ Uso de imágenes inspiracionales de distintas épocas y tiempos, todas con alto contraste y saturación. Colores predominantes: negro, blanco, rojos, dorados, plateados
+ Diferentes universos, personajes y lineas de tiempos que se integran para crear el universo único de Galáctica
+ Composiciones depuradas con elementos que pueden ser complejos (por ejemplo los guantes barrocos, indumentaria con muchos detalles etc) pero con un fondo de un solo color, pleno
+ Inspiración en las ideas futuristas y la moldería impecable de los años 60s y 70s, el misticismo y glamour de los años 20s y 30s, la imaginación y locura de los personajes de ciencia ficción, el caos e improvisacón del punk y la música under, el sadismo kitsch de la escena gay underground de las grandes capitales y la espiritualidad de las antiguas culturas árabes y egipcias entre otros…