"Fresca" is a high-quality, timeless, and avant-garde clothing brand founded by Josefina and Azul.
They were looking for an identity that represented the union between the transgressive and the minimalist, with a fresh and modern image at the same time.
They remarked on their love for nature and desolate landscapes, which would be included in the brand's photoshoots.
When designing the logo and the other graphic pieces, I kept in mind the concepts of elegance, timeless fashion, and natural elements.


+ Background research and branding questionnaire

+ Market research and benchmarking

+ Defining the brand core, storytelling, and brand archetype

+ Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark

+ Brand guidelines

+ Stationary

+ Label and hangtag design

Primary logo

Diseñé de un logo atemporal y elegante con una tipografía con serif, de lineas finas y estilizadas.
I was inspired by the art of "Matisse" and his collages, this added an avant-garde touch to the logo.

The brand's colors represent landscapes of wild and raw nature.