Tales and Tides is a swimwear brand conceived for surfing. Their collections reflect a care-free way of living, passion for the ocean, positive attitude and love for design. 
They produce high-quality swimwear with a touch of latin sexiness, technical cuts and trendy designs. They honor fearless girls with sparkling souls.

I designed a minimalist and modern logo with friendly strokes easy to apply on labels, hangtags and to embroider.
In order to immerse the visitor in an adventurous universe and make her feel like she’s getting ready for her next surf trip, I developed a social media and mailing strategy around the surfer girl lifestyle.
The use of raw illustrations, quotes and handmade strokes reinforce the bold attitude of the brand.


+ Background research and branding questionnaire

+ Market research and benchmarking

+ Defining the brand core, storytelling, and brand archetype

+ Primary logo, secondary logo, and isotype design

+ Stationary

+ Social media strategy

+ Social media content 

+ Textile design

+ Mailing 

+ Label and hangtag design

Primary logo:

Designed in collaboration with Maria José Gomez 

Minimalist typographic logotype with friendly strokes.
Balanced and versatile.

A minimalist symbol easy to recognize.
The triangle represents the water element combined with the outline of a surfboard.